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Sunday, 11 December 2016

We are learning to presen our speech

This is my speech that I had to say in front of nic my teacher. Some of the kids had a chose of doing it in front of nic or to the class. I did it in front of nic because I was a bit shy of doing it in front of the class.

I think next time I could say it in front of the class.

Annoy baby
    Have you ever had a baby sister or brother, well they can be a bit annoying well a lot annoying. So this is how you stop the annoy things that they do to you.

1- Don't let them in your room. Why because they can get into everything that is not were it is meant to be in your room.

2- Sit well away from her or him at the table. They can make a big miss and sometimes they do not like there food and spit it out on you it is not nice.

3- do not take them to your school  because they always get all of the attention and they love the baby not you any more.

4- don't go near the baby when there nappy's is getting changed  because it Is like a big fat egg that stinks like well something not nice but we are not going to talk about that let's get on with it.

5- Do not invite your friends when your baby sister or  brother is home because like I said that they will get all of the  attention and they will won't to  play with the baby not you.

Some baby are good at just playing on there own so it would be a good idea to give the baby something for it to do and it is not going to be annoying any more.

But make shore you do speed some time with your little baby sister or brother because they do learn from you and if you mum has any more baby's the girl or boy will not won't to play with the new baby.

By Sophie