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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Diary writing sample

Week 9 17.9.15 

We got all are costume done and .

This is what I have done on my costume.

Here is my nest

Week 6    24.8.15 

On Friday we started our costumes! I think that my feathers went very well because there were different colours on each one I did two colours the same my colours were red,pink,blue,black,grey,brown and orange.
I didn't really like how the feathers took forever to dry because I did two layers on each feather and I had to paint both sides.
I felt proud of my self because in the end I got all my feathers done.
I know that next time I do it I will do one layer on my feathers. 
I am going to be changing my nest because I want to make it a bit smaller. Next Friday I am going to try my nest.

week 2   30.7.15

I like Emma's and Telaina's monster  foot. I like there foot because it was 3d. I might make my 3d too. I liked my foot because it had a base underneth my foot. I thick next time I will put more things on the foot.

here is my monster foot
week 2
In this pictura I am useing white pastels and die because when we pot the die on the white pastels you cod see it wall

Week 5 20.8.15

I am so excited to do this costume because I know what I am doing. I am not really excited about this because I do not know what kind of hat to use. A sun hat a beanie or a normal hat. I am felling really good about this because I have got all I need. I name my costume Fluttery Feathers because it has got feathers all on it.

Here is my plan