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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Writing sample term 1

I wrote this to describe how I would look if I was performing on stilts. I know this is a good pisce of writing because I used describeing words because it is a good way of saying how I would look like on stilts.  An example like a swan.


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Marae Trip Term 1

Nic and Elly's classes welcome with a powhiri.  After the powhiri Joy's and Kerri's classes had 
brunch and then came the orientation. After that we did are activities. We did two activities and then we had some lunch and play and then we did two more activities. Then the little buddies leand we did a poroporoaki for them and then they went on the bus back to school. Afternoon tea was here we had shared and fruit.
 We did  Story telling with a buddy.
Now we did our marae diary writing in our books.
Now we set up our  bed in the wharenui for sleeping.
Yay now we have free-time we got to play on the stilts  and lots of things.
Now group 2 gets to make pancakes for pudding.
Yay now it is teatime We got potatoes and mins,lettuce and cheesy.
Children's story telling time we watch them dow it and it was awesome to watch. Now it was supper time then it was bed time we went to sleep very quickly. 
We all wokeup at 7.00 clock in the morning. The boy's did there fitness while  the 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Swimming sample term 1

I am learning to do freestyle
I am Woking on my breeding 
I think I am biter at my freestyle now because I have got my ams like a Padilla and my ams are strat.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Managing self sample slc1

I am a stilt walker because I am able to work on my own. Knowing this will help me learn because I can not get distracted. I like my desk here because I can do my own work.
My goal is to take responsibility for when I sit.